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in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ

2 Peter 3:18

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GCS Ministries is a teaching and publishing ministry of Jesus Christ. We believe the Word of God is a Living Word, that uplifts and empowers believers to possess all the riches found through a relationship in Jesus Christ.  

It is our goal to provide beneficial resources to assist God's people as they endeavor to grow in their relationship with Him, for it is through these efforts we will discover the abundant life in Christ Jesus, and the Truth that sets us free!

Our new publication, God's Unique Calling to Women, offers solid biblical teaching for today's Christian woman. Here you will be encouraged and inspired, as the Word of God affirms you as a Daughter, uniquely and wonderfully made for a special purpose in His Family.

With the aid of this new resource, women of all ages will learn the secrets to help cultivate lasting relationships that are rewarding for them, and pleasing to the Lord. 

Through the examples of women in the Scriptures, you will be pleasantly surprised to see yourself in these pages, as one blessed and highly favored in the Lord, and will also receive guidance for your service in ministry.

In addition to this new resource for Women's Ministry, we have compiled a collection of the best bible study helps available to assist in your efforts to "search the scriptures daily" and discover God's Truth for yourself. We pray you find these resources beneficial to aid your daily walk with the Lord.

   Visit us often to see what new resources the Lord has prepared, to help us cultivate a deeper relationship with Him!    


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About Us

Grace Central Station is a ministry serving the Lord, Jesus Christ. Through our publications and speaking events (men mentoring men, and women mentoring women), we seek to educate, inspire and empower people of God to pursue their true calling in the Lord.

Why do we call our work MINISTRY?

We call this work ministry because it is what God has called us to do. It is our obedient response in service to Him and His people. Our work is ordered by God and dedicated to Him. All proceeds from our ministry efforts are re-invested in Kingdom Building work. In addition , we are a legally recognized not-for-profit organization, that ascribes to the Standards and Best Practices of the ECFA.

WE INVITE YOU to come along with us, as we seek to grow deeper in His grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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